ArtiCAD Kitchen Tour - Panoramic View



Kitchen Design UK sure has sure come a long way since the medieval period. Now modern kitchens are the main focal point of our family space, a place where we share our meals, gossip and kids do their homework. A modern kitchen is categorised as a functional space. New archaeological discoveries suggest that modern kitchens, have more in common with their 14th century counterparts than previously thought, minus the wifi and technological wizardry.

At Glastonbury Abbey survives one of the only surviving medieval kitchens in the world. Known as the Abbots Kitchen, with its eight sided interior includes four massive corner fireplaces, each with a different function: baking, boiling, roasting and washing up.

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Kitchen Design UK has changed dramatically

Catapult yourself back to modern times, just in the last 50 years Kitchen Design UK has changed dramatically. With modern computers, kitchen design UK has become the dream of Science Fiction fantasy. In the 1960’s when most modern concepts were being imagined, the Honeywell Kitchen Computer was available, weighing in at a whopping 45kg but even heavier on the wallet, with a heftier price tag of £7000, (although luckily for those with more money than sense who could afford it, it included a 2 week programming course)

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Now in 2016, sitting in your new dream modern kitchen can be imagined and visualised on your IPad. With an amazing piece of software called Pan 360 from Articad. It is easy to see just what your kitchen designer has painstakingly crafted, using a handheld device and intelligently designed software.

Take a look at some of the stunning interactive modern kitchens UK below, that the creative people at  Grand Design Kitchens and Bedrooms have crafted for their customers.

Imaging taking this software and a Ipad, back to the medieval time and see how long it would be before you were facing charges of witchcraft. Actually not a pretty thought, let’s keep it here where it belongs – categorised as an essential modern kitchen design uk tool. For more details about this amazing software see Articads page here.